Gold Panning

My Sunday was spent Gold Panning.  Gold panning is such a great hobby.  It is great for fitness, being in the great outdoors.

The day started with a nice walk to the burn.  I am finally getting used to the weight of my ruck sack and equipment.  There was a strong wind and the rain was falling, but we were well prepared and I was nice and warm in my thermal undersuit.

We reached the burn and started panning.   A couple of small flecks in each pan, this was great.  Moving small rocks and then sucking the gravel up with the pump and into the pan.  Then shaking the pan, so that all the heavy material ended up at the bottom.  After this all the light material was panned out and the heavy black sand was left in the pan.  The pan was then swirled around and the little gold flecks appeared.

On about my fifth pan I saw quite a large fleck of gold.  I had found my first ever little nugget!  Wow!  It was such a great day, so enjoyable.

At the end of the day we packed up all our equipment and headed for the walk back.  At this point the wind seemed to turn colder and it actually started snowing, what a surprise.  I have lots of aches today, but they are good aches.  Getting strong and fitter every time.

Below is a picture of the gold I found and the lovely little nugget!