My New Youtube Video

It has been trying to snow off and on today.

I have updated the website banner as I’m bored of looking at snowy hills.

Looking forward to the summer and sunshine!

I have released a new YouTube video of some of the photographs I have taken recently.

I had to change the music as I was having a copyright message coming up, so below is the updated version.

I hope you like it!


Gold Panning Sunday 12th April

It was a glorious sunny day yesterday and time for another gold panning session.

It was a long day, leaving the house at 900 am and returning at 830 pm.

The river was low and it was the warmest day so far.

I slipped over in the river and ended up on my back floating in my drysuit.  I was very tempted just to stay like that for a while.  It was very relaxing.

Once again, I am aching a little today.  But as before, they are good aches and this hobby is so good for fitness.

Below is a photograph of the gold: