Gold Panning on Saturday

My Saturday was spent Gold Panning.  We had met up with some friends on Friday and decided it would be great to go gold panning on the Saturday.

The sun was shining and the rivers were low, a perfect day for panning.  I found a lovely piece of gold too!

I will have to do some work on my drysuit though as it’s more of a wetsuit now.  Both my feet and legs were soaking.

Can’t wait for the next trip out!

Below is a picture of the gold I found and a photograph of a nice pink plant which caught my eye  :)


My Saturday Photographing Fulmars

A lot of my Saturday was spent photographing the Fulmars down at the beach.  It was a lovely sunny day and the scenery was stunning.  (It has been snowing today!)

Fulmars are beautiful birds and it’s great to see them swooping and hovering on the wind.

I hope you like the photographs: