Ben Hope – my first Munro!

The walk up Ben Horn last Sunday was a training trip to prepare ourselves for Ben Hope.  Ben Hope stands at 3041 feet high and is the most northerly Munro.  We set off for Ben Hope at 730 am on the lovely drive through scenic countryside and stopped off along the way to take some photographs.

We started our ascent at approximately 10 am.  The weather was nice and sunny and there was very little wind, a perfect day for walking.  There were lots of stunning waterfalls and we were constantly taking photographs.

When we were about 2,000 feet up we spotted some birds and later found out they were Ptarmigans.  There was a mother and its chicks.  These birds live and breed on the highest mountains in the Highlands of Scotland.  They have furry feet!

So anyway, onward and upward to the summit.  The views were absolutely amazing from the top, looking out over the coast and the North sea.   We had to take care and follow the path as it was hard to see exactly where the cliffs were.  We even saw a rainbow at the top (no rain though)

Then after taking many more photographs we started our descent.  We knew it would be much quicker going back down.  We wanted to make sure we got back down before it was dark too.  We arrived back at the car at 7 pm and it was nice to rest the legs.

An absolutely fantastic day!

A few aching muscles today, but well worth it!

Overlooking Ben Loyal on the journey there:

Ben Hope.  It doesn’t look so high in this photograph!

It looks abit higher in this photograph!

Looking down on one of the many waterfalls:

The Ptarmigan, such a beautiful bird:

High up now!

I love this photograph.  Looking out over the lochs, coast and the North Sea:

George at the summit of Ben Hope.  We made it!!!

Me, and just look at that view!

I hope you like the photographs.  Your comments are appreciated!



The Weekend and Walk up Ben Horn

What a lovely weekend!

On Saturday we met up with some friends and did a spot of gold panning.  There are still a few people camping up there as well, so it was good to catch up with the gold panning news from the previous week.

Today we went for a walk up Ben Horn.  Ben Horn is 1706 feet high.  It was well worth taking a hat and gloves as it was abit chilly at the top.  The weather was nice and sunny though, just with a couple of sharp showers and there were opportunities to take some fantastic photographs.

I took a video of the view from Ben Horn, so will have to get it uploaded to youtube in the next week or so.  Below are some photographs.  I hope you like them.

Ben Horn:

Loch Horn:

Me at Loch Horn:

A rainbow on the way up to Ben Horn:

Looking down on Loch Horn

I tested out the macro function on my camera and took a photograph of a droplet of water.  When I zoomed in on the picture after I got home, I could see the reflection of the sky in the droplet, amazing!

I hope you have enjoyed the photographs!