The Weekend and Walk up Ben Horn

What a lovely weekend!

On Saturday we met up with some friends and did a spot of gold panning.  There are still a few people camping up there as well, so it was good to catch up with the gold panning news from the previous week.

Today we went for a walk up Ben Horn.  Ben Horn is 1706 feet high.  It was well worth taking a hat and gloves as it was abit chilly at the top.  The weather was nice and sunny though, just with a couple of sharp showers and there were opportunities to take some fantastic photographs.

I took a video of the view from Ben Horn, so will have to get it uploaded to youtube in the next week or so.  Below are some photographs.  I hope you like them.

Ben Horn:

Loch Horn:

Me at Loch Horn:

A rainbow on the way up to Ben Horn:

Looking down on Loch Horn

I tested out the macro function on my camera and took a photograph of a droplet of water.  When I zoomed in on the picture after I got home, I could see the reflection of the sky in the droplet, amazing!

I hope you have enjoyed the photographs!



4 thoughts on “The Weekend and Walk up Ben Horn

  1. love the droplet and the other pictures weather down here was ordinary, watched all about the 9/11 on tv very interesting. received the c/d back from tesco from the old banks film camera not that good though. much prefer the digital but used it as i have four rolls of films. look after yourselves and keep digging for that gold love dad mum liz

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