This Week and a Walk to the Broch

Last weekend we went for a walk to the Broch to take some photographs.  As we were walking through the heather, I noticed a beautiful caterpillar.  It was large and bright green with white spots.  It just had to be photographed.

On the way back, a dragonfly landed right behind us and I turned to take some photographs.

We also saw an unusual butterfly.  I took a photograph from a distance as there were a lot of ticks in the grass!

It was a lovely walk and the weather was fantastic.

It has been very busy this week as i’m getting ready to move house, but I hope to get out and about with the camera more in the future.  The new house has got a sea view, so i’m very excited about that.

Below are a couple of photographs from the last week:


Visit to See the Seals

Just a quick little blog this evening.

Last week we went for a walk down the beach to see if we could see any seals.

We could see some black dots in the distance and as we got closer and closer, we could see they were seals.

We had to walk very slowly as we didn’t want to scare the seals.  We managed to get fairly close to the seals and I took a few photographs as below.  Another great trip out!

The Visit to Shin Falls

On Wednesday evening after work we were going to travel to Embo beach to take some photographs.  On looking over in the direction of Embo there was quite a lot of sea fog, but on looking in the direction of Rogart and Lairg there were blue skies and beautiful sunshine.  We decided to go on a trip to Shin Falls instead!

We got to Shin Falls and the light wasn’t great for photography, but the salmon were leaping out of the water trying to get up the waterfall.  I had never seen this before, so was amazed how high they can leap out of the water.  There were a few other people at Shin Falls too who were squealing with delight as they saw the fish jumping.  We did see a few salmon make it up the waterfall too!

I took a few photographs, it wasn’t so easy to catch them in action.  Those who know me well will know I have wanted to photograph this for a while!!!

And next on the list is to go and visit the Dolphins!!!