The Visit to Shin Falls

On Wednesday evening after work we were going to travel to Embo beach to take some photographs.  On looking over in the direction of Embo there was quite a lot of sea fog, but on looking in the direction of Rogart and Lairg there were blue skies and beautiful sunshine.  We decided to go on a trip to Shin Falls instead!

We got to Shin Falls and the light wasn’t great for photography, but the salmon were leaping out of the water trying to get up the waterfall.  I had never seen this before, so was amazed how high they can leap out of the water.  There were a few other people at Shin Falls too who were squealing with delight as they saw the fish jumping.  We did see a few salmon make it up the waterfall too!

I took a few photographs, it wasn’t so easy to catch them in action.  Those who know me well will know I have wanted to photograph this for a while!!!

And next on the list is to go and visit the Dolphins!!!


4 thoughts on “The Visit to Shin Falls

  1. Brilliant photos. If you got home without George snaffling a few of these fish “for the pot” then I would be amazed!!! lol

  2. By the way Ally, I snorkel with the fish now and make friends with them. Much more fun. You’d be amazed how friendly and approachable fish are under water :)

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