This Week and a Walk to the Broch

Last weekend we went for a walk to the Broch to take some photographs.  As we were walking through the heather, I noticed a beautiful caterpillar.  It was large and bright green with white spots.  It just had to be photographed.

On the way back, a dragonfly landed right behind us and I turned to take some photographs.

We also saw an unusual butterfly.  I took a photograph from a distance as there were a lot of ticks in the grass!

It was a lovely walk and the weather was fantastic.

It has been very busy this week as i’m getting ready to move house, but I hope to get out and about with the camera more in the future.  The new house has got a sea view, so i’m very excited about that.

Below are a couple of photographs from the last week:


3 thoughts on “This Week and a Walk to the Broch

  1. Yes, it was a good day out :) ahh, a peacock butterfly. I was wondering what it was. Haven’t seen one like that before. Thanks for the dragonfly link too. I was amazed how close I got to it!

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