Another Busy Week

It has been another busy week, all good though :)

Yesterday we went out for a 4 mile walk and did a spot of gold panning.  The weather was beautiful, warm and sunny.  Then we got back and drove down to Inverness to pick up some dining room chairs.  I managed to find some lovely chairs to go with the table I had previously purchased.

I did a lot of housey things today.  I have been meaning to cut the grass for a while, but it is always wet when I go to do it.   So this morning I looked out of the window and saw some sheep wandering outside the front of the house and then I looked out the back, the sheep had taken a wrong turn and ended up in my back garden, it was rather amusing as they were having a nibble on the grass!  They didn’t stay long though.

It is only a few weeks now until the seals and seal pups start appearing on the beaches, so that is something to look forward to.

Thought I’d post a couple of piccies as below:

Happy with the new dining room chairs:

The sheep in my back garden, very amusing!

Some boats on the Loch:

Red life guard ring:

Not long until the seal pups start reappearing, can’t wait!


The Last Couple of Weeks

It has been a very busy couple of weeks and I have now moved house.

It has been a real blessing to have help with the move from my fiance and friends, so thank you all.

This house has a lovely large window in the kitchen, so I thought, hmmm,  I think i’ll put a nice comfy chair there, so I can sit and enjoy the view.  This comfy chair has now been claimed by the cat.  She practically spends 24/7 sat there staring out at the birds and making funny meowing noises at them.  I’m happy she’s happy though :)

I have gradually been getting bits and pieces together  for the house.  I just need a microwave oven and some chairs to go with the dining table I bought, so that’s not bad at all and then just a few things to make the house comfy like cushions and a few pictures on the wall.  All in all it has been a great couple of weeks.

I’m also starting to make friends with the local wildlife.  I have had a couple of Pied Wagtails in the back garden that seem quite tame (when the cat isn’t there).

Below are a couple of photographs I have taken of the house.  Until next time :)

The Kitchen:

The Living Room:

The Window that now has a comfy chair that the cat will not leave!

Local Wildlife:

Hungry Local Wildlife: