A Trip to Balblair Wood and Loch Fleet

We took a trip to Balblair Wood and Loch Fleet in Golspie at the weekend.  You just never know what you are going to see and be able to capture on the camera.  One thing though, the ticks are on the increase.  There seem to be more ticks around than usual, so if you do go out walking, make sure to check yourself thoroughly.  I have a pair of waterproof trousers that I put over my walking trousers and this seems to do the trick.

The first animal that was spotted was a Roe deer in the trees at Balblair Wood.  It just stood there and stared for a couple of minutes.  A pretty amazing moment!


We then crossed the bridge and I caught a glimpse of where I work.  I don’t tend to think about work at the weekends, but I couldn’t resist taking this photograph.


George then spotted a beautiful moth.  We took photos and I looked this up on the internet and confirmed it was an Emperor Moth.


We then spotted a crab which looked a little concerned as the tide had gone out,  but he was put back into the water.


Then on the walk back I was feeling a little arty and noticed the sun and clouds were creating nice reflections in the water, so here is my arty shot!


All in all a really fantastic day, with all this practically on the doorstep!  Hope you enjoyed the blog! :)


2 thoughts on “A Trip to Balblair Wood and Loch Fleet

  1. That first shot is prize worthy! Absolutely fantastic image. All the rest are stunningly great too. Its just that first shot is almost a miracle! ~amy

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