A Walk Up Morven

Last Saturday we went for a walk up Morven.  Morven is the highest point in Caithness at 706 metres, with a very fine and steep sided conical peak.


We parked the car and started walking.  It was a little marshy and we had to jump over a few streams here and there. We spoke to a couple of people who had spotted an Adder. We missed seeing the Adder, but I didn’t mind that!  When we were about half way up, I took a lovely photograph of the Maiden Pap and George took some panorama shots. The sun shone through the clouds and created some lovely shadows.


Scaraben and Maiden Pap from Morven

Maiden Pap

Then it was a scramble up to the top.  There were lots of loose rocks and it was hard work getting up there.  Finally the summit was in sight. We were so close to the summit and then all of a sudden a really thick fog approached us and covered everything!


We stayed at the top for a while and then decided to make our way back down.  We could hardly see anything through the fog, so had to be very careful! We descended back down and then had a nice trek back to the car.  There were about 50 deer that scattered when they spotted us.

As we reached the path, the sun was starting to set and there was a gorgeous warm light.  George took this beautiful photograph of the Maiden Pap in the warm evening light.

Maiden Pap

It was a really good day out, with us walking from 10 am in the morning until 22:30 in the evening.


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