An Epic Journey To The North Coast of Scotland

Last Saturday we met up with some friends and started on our journey up to the North Coast of Scotland.  The first wildlife we came across were some stags.  We got to take some lovely photographs of them and a few action shots of them jumping over a fence.  I love their expressions.  Their antlers are just starting to grow back now.


We drove on a bit further and then George spotted some grouse.  We stopped again to take some photographs.


As were were photographing the grouse, I noticed a little animal pop it’s head out of a hole.  It was pretty cute and very inquisitive!


It ran out of the hole and stood up just like a meer cat!


We later noticed that there was a dead mouse (Weasel’s dinner), and that’s most probably why he was running around watching us, making sure his dinner didn’t go missing!  Could have easily stayed there and watched him all day!


So, back in the car and off we went once again.  Five minutes down the road we spotted something else.  Still not sure what this is, but either a Mink or Pine Marten.  It didn’t hang around for long and this is the only photograph I managed to get!


We then drove for a while and it was time to stop for a spot of lunch.  Found a lovely place to stop, looking towards Ben Loyal.


After lunch was done, we headed off again on our way to Durness.  I spotted some Highland Cows in a field, so just had to get out of the car and explore.  I never get too close to the animals, but I think I made friends with this beautiful Highland Cow!


Once I had removed the ticks from my trousers, we were ready to head off in the car again.  Next stop was for a hot chocolate at Cocoa Mountain in Durness.  This is the second time I have been there, and was once again, not disappointed.  The hot chocolate was amaaazing!!!  Had to take a photograph of that.  Will be heading back there again soon! :)


After this delicious treat, we headed to Smoo Cave, just to have a look around.  We didn’t go into the caves this time around, but will plan this for next time!


A fantastic long day and now time for the drive back.  On the way back, I spotted some Highland Cows on the road. Well, I just had to get out and take some more photographs.  A chap got off of his motorbike and was trying to photograph this beautiful cow, but the cow just kept coming in my direction.


I kept getting further away, crouching down and taking more photographs, but the cow kept coming towards me.  I’d back off, and again the cow would come closer!


I did wonder what this cow was so interested in!  I took another few photographs.


Do you remember the cow I made friends with earlier that day?  Well it’s the same cow!  Look at the horns, the nose, same cow! :)  What a cracking day out!  That concludes the epic day out to the north coast.  Until next week! :)


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