Another Fantastic Week

Well, what a terrific week. I headed down to South East England to visit my father and had a great week down there. The weather was hot and sunny and we did some exploring. We headed out to Colchester Zoo and had a brilliant day there. I can’t believe how close you could get to the animals there. I took over 300 photographs! Here is one of a Cherry Crowned Mangabey.


There were loads of Meercats at the Zoo and they were all trying to dig holes and were enjoying the gorgeous sunshine. I think this one was trying to hide in a paper bag!


We then spotted a Scarlet Ibis.  What a beautiful bird!

Scarlet Ibis

We then went to watch the Penguins.  They were also enjoying the beautiful weather.  I think they were posing for me in this photograph.


The Penguins also got some fish to eat.  I think the other penguins were jealous of this one!

Feeding time

Next we were off to see the Sealions in the underwater tunnel.  It was so peaceful just watching them swim around.


Here is a photograph of my father in the underwater tunnel.  The light for photography was amazing in there!

Dad in underwater tunnel

After a 3 am start on Tuesday morning, I am back up in the Highlands now.  Today George and I went for a fantastic walk around the Big Burn. George took this lovely arty photograph of me on the bridge.

Big Burn, Golspie

And George took this great shot of the waterfall.


Have really enjoyed my holiday time! :)


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