Loch Brora

I haven’t really had much time for photography over the last couple of weeks, so have decided to do a blog on some of the older photographs I have taken, and have picked Loch Brora for my subject.

Loch Brora is a three mile long loch and it is famous for sea trout fishing.  There are many stunning views from Loch Brora.  Below is a photograph I took at Loch Brora in the early morning mist.

Loch Brora

The mist then started clearing and there was some lovely colour.


Then there are the night time shots.  I was lucky enough to see the Northern Lights at Loch Brora in February for the first time in my life.  It was pretty overwhelming.  This was one of the first photos I managed to take:


Then on February 27th, there was an amazing show of Northern Lights at Loch Brora.  It’s hard to explain how beautiful they are.  The camera does pick up a lot more colour than what is visible to the naked eye, but when the Northern Lights are strong you can see them dancing!


Can you spot the windsurfer at the Loch?.


So, that’s my blog for this week on Loch Brora.  Does it make you want to visit? :)



4 thoughts on “Loch Brora

    • Hi Chris and many thanks for your message. I’m glad you are enjoying the photographs. It’s fantastic to be living in such a beautiful village and to be able to take these photographs :)

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