Countryfile Photographic Competition 2014

My blog for this week is about the Countryfile Photographic Competition.

I have recently entered a couple of competitions and have just sent off three entries for the Countryfile Photographic Competition.

They will pick 12 photographs for their 2015 calendar.  It took a while to whittle it down to three photographs, but below are the three I have chosen.  What do you think?  It would be great if they show them on tv :)  I can imagine there will be thousands of entries!

This is my favourite photograph.  I have a 36 inch canvas of this on my wall and you can even see the reflection of the sun and sea in the seal pup’s eyes.


As most of you who follow my Facebook photography page will know, I love highland cows.  Countryfile have allowed farm animals in their competition, so this one just had to be entered.


For my final photograph I chose another seal pup.  Another one where you can see a beautiful reflection in the eye.


The theme of the competition is “Animal Magic”.  I’m hoping they’ll spot something they like in my photographs! ;)





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