A Great Week Exploring!

My father was visiting for the week, so we had lots planned.  Below are a few highlights of the week!

We went for a great drive and stopped at many places.  First stop was Dunbeath.  We went down to the harbour, but it was raining, so we decided to move on.  We then stopped and had a cup of tea at a lovely tea room.  Next was Latheronwheel.  Again, just a quick stop here, then we moved on.  We then stopped at Lybster.  We had a look around the Visitor Centre and enjoyed a tub of ice cream, then off to Wick.

Next was a trip to Camster Cairns.  Have driven past before, but never stopped there.


Due to the rain, the Cairns were rather flooded.  I decided to have a quick look inside and was surprised at how large it was. The tunnel was small and narrow (being petite has it’s advantages!)  I took a photo from the inside of the Cairn looking back at my dad:


Spotted this cute lamb eating:


On the way back we also stopped off at Berriedale.  Lots of Kittiwakes there:


That was a fun packed day!

A few days later we had planned to go on a boat trip from John O’Groats.  Here’s my dad at John O’Groats:


We boarded the John O’Groats Ferry and off we went on our adventure around Stroma Island. The ferry we went on is the same ferry I photographed from Stroma Island a few weeks ago!


Below is the newly renovated John O’Groats Hotel:


Spotted this Cormorant:


The sea was calm.  It was a little windy, but it wasn’t cold.  Here’s an arty shot of a boat on Stroma Island:IMG_3159

We sailed around to the lighthouse.  The sea was a little rougher around here, but all good fun!  I love the colour of the water.


The scenery was just stunning!


A seal was looking at me.  The boat was moving around quite a lot when I took this photograph! :)


Here’s a photograph of the Mausoleum.  Can you spot the seal on the rock?


The trip around Stroma Island was fantastic and I can highly recommend it.  A great week was had by all.  I hope you enjoyed my blog! :)


Planes, Trains and Automobiles

We set off at 08:15 on Monday morning on a mini adventure.  

After selling the Renault Megane at the weekend, I was on a mission to find a little car.  I had done a lot of research and whittled my choice down to a Vauxhall Corsa. I had hoped I’d find a blue one, (but I know colour isn’t everything!)  We went to view a Corsa on Saturday before dropping the Megane off, but I could tell it would have needed a lot of work.

Then after a few more internet searches, the ideal car was found in Edinburgh.  I had a look at delivery options, but then we decided we would take a trip down to Edinburgh.

We waited for the train at Brora station and it was running about 15 minutes late.  The weather wasn’t the best though.  We knew there was a connecting train going from Inverness to Edinburgh, that was due to leave just ten minutes after our train arrived at Inverness, eek.

After boarding the train we purchased our tickets.  We were not sure if the trains were running from Inverness to Perth.  The train journey from Brora to Inverness was very, very slow.  There were lots of fallen branches and rivers in spate.  Then just before we got to Evanton, we hit a large tree branch that got dragged under the train and all mangled.  We had to wait for the engineers to come and cut the tree away from under the train.  Then after this we started moving again.

We arrived in Inverness five hours after we had started our journey.  So now to the next leg of the journey.  A bus service had been put on to take us from Inverness to Perth, due to the flooding.  We boarded the first bus, but had to get off as it was full.  Phew, there was another bus behind we could travel on.

The bus journey took us around a lot of the areas that had been flooded.  Kingussie was by far the worst.  Couldn’t believe the amount of water that was there.  Finally we reached Perth and then straight onto the 4 o’clock train bound for Edinburgh.  It didn’t take long for us to get to Edinburgh.  The weather had also cleared up and it had stopped raining.  

Below are a couple of photographs George took when we arrived:

After we got off the train:carblog1

Edinburgh Castlecarblog2

The bus journeycarblog3

We then got to view the car.  It was everything I had hoped for.  After picking the car up, we started back on our journey to Brora.

Here’s me driving:carblog5

And here’s the Forth Bridge:carblog4

The journey back was smooth.  It had stopped raining and once we got past Edinburgh the traffic subsided.  We arrived back at midnight.  All in all a very long day, but well worth it.

Here’s my car:IMG_3016

It would have been so easy to have given up and not travelled all the way to Edinburgh and there was so much going against us getting there.  But, we were more than conquerors!!!  :D

If you’re wondering what the plane part is in my blog title.  My dad is staying with me for the week. Yesterday he flew from Luton to Inverness and I picked him up at the airport :)