Brora Beach Walk

Last weekend we decided to take a stroll along Brora Beach.  Brora beach is just beautiful and if you haven’t been there yet, it’s well worth a visit!  The weather was gorgeous on Sunday morning and below is a photograph of the beach on a busy day:


I took the photograph below facing the sun and I really like the contrast.


We had a good chat to a few people on the beach and I made friends with a dog who constantly wanted to play fetch!  I then thought i’d photograph some footprints in the sand – where do they go, where do they end, who knows?


I then started spotting lots of interesting shapes in the sand.  I love the sand ripples in the photograph below:


So many textures and the sun was reflecting off of the sand:


On our way back, I stopped and looked behind me.  Just look at the view:


Then looking ahead towards the harbour.  I thought this one deserved to be in black and white.  Maybe a thought of the years gone by:


Hope you have enjoyed the blog for this week! :)


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