Inverness Street Festival – The Finale

It has been a busy week and I have been working on the photographs I took at the Inverness Street Festival.  Most of these photographs were taken at the Finale at the end of the day.

Below is a photograph of “Mr Wow”.  He climbed on to the tightrope and started juggling, amazing!


And Granny Turismo, doing it Gangnam Style!  There are lots of videos of them on YouTube.


The Afrikan Warriors were doing some great acrobatics:


Then Mr Wow with his bubble show.  Definitely a Wow for that one!


Here’s Super Chap.  He was rather high up!


And here he is as Superman!!!blog007

There were no safety nets, pretty amazing!

More photographs from the day can be viewed here:

Hope you have enjoyed the blog! :)


Inverness Street Festival 2014

We had a fantastic day last Saturday when we journeyed to Inverness for the Inverness Street Festival 2014.

We weren’t sure what to expect, but the entertainment was fantastic.  We watched an entertainer called Todd Various.  He stunned people with a few of his tricks:


Next was the turn of Mr Wow.  He fit himself through a ladder rung, did some balloon tricks, blew massive bubbles, walked the tightrope and more!





Then there was Rory and his dog Ochie, a huge man and dog.  They were walking around and it was fantastic to see the reactions on people’s faces!

Big Rory


Then there the Afrikan Warriors.  They did some amazing somersaults and did the limbo under fire!


Head Balancers


There was a brilliant band entertaining between the shows:


band leader 2

Then there were the Charlie Chaplin’s from the local theatre:

Charlie Chaplins

And of course one of the star acts was Granny Turismo!


I have not had time to work on all the photographs yet, but have so many more, and there are more acts to come!!!

On Saturday the sun was shining and it was about 17 degrees, like summer!

The Inverness Street Festival exceeded my expectations.  What a fantastic, well organised event!

Hope you have enjoyed the blog!

Looking Back on a Great Trip To Stroma Island

Thought i’d do another blog on our great trip to Stroma Island as there are more photographs to share.

I can’t believe it was July that we actually went there – three months ago!!!  Time has flown by so quickly.  The day started off wet and windy, but after a couple of hours it was beautiful and the sun was shining.

There was so much to explore and we are hoping to be able to visit again next year.  Below are some gorgeous photographs that George took:

Stroma Island

Stroma Island

Island of Stroma

Island of Stroma

Below is The Gloup

The Gloup, Stroma

Stroma Island

The Lighthouse

Stroma Lighthouse

Stroma Island

Some really cracking shots there.  More Stroma photographs taken on the day can be found here:

 Below are a couple of photographs I took:

War Memorial


Deserted phone box


Hope you have enjoyed the blog for this week and please visit the online gallery

North Brora Beach Walk

On Saturday morning the weather wasn’t fantastic, but by Saturday afternoon it had brightened up considerably.  We decided to go for a walk along the beach.  The golden sand looked amazing and the beach is never busy.


There are a lot of large stones the further north you go and then there are coal deposits.  This is where you start to find fossils.  I photographed these two fossils.



Had to cross the river, but it wasn’t difficult.


On the way back I was taking arty shots of the seaweed, when I spotted this.  It really made my weekend!


Hope you have enjoyed the blog!

Happy Birthday Coco!

Thought i’d do a blog on my cat Coco as it’s her birthday today!  I can’t believe she’s 17 years old!


I was helping out at a cat sanctuary quite a few years back and ended up coming home with two cats.  I remember sitting in the pen, Coco came over and immediately sat on my lap and purred so loudly.

coco6 I had Coco for about a year and then she went missing.  I was heartbroken.  I registered her as missing and never gave up hope.  People would say, maybe she was hit by a car or something, but I didn’t want to believe that.

About three months later I visited the cat sanctuary where I originally got Coco from.  I had a spare mini fridge that I no longer wanted and they were going to use it to store medication for the animals.  I again mentioned about Coco missing.

About a week later, I had a call from the cat sanctuary.  A family had found a tortoiseshell cat.  They said they thought she was about a year old (Coco was about 9 at the time), but I thought, it just could be her, you never know!

I drove to this beautiful house, and was shown around the back.  They opened the shed door and out popped this tiny tortoiseshell cat.  I looked and looked again.  Yes, it was her!!!  She went to run off and I shouted her name.  She stopped in her tracks, turned around and stared at me.  I picked her up and gave her a great big hug.  She was back, but had lost so much weight!

I took her home and she fell asleep on her back with her legs in the air.  I still treasure the photograph I took of her (see below). She was exhausted!

coco I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful cat.  And she’s cheeky too!


Here’s Coco checking out a hedgehog and wondering why it is eating her cat food!


And here is a gorgeous photograph of Coco at Sunrise


When I come home from work i’m always greeted with lots of meows.  If you have animals, you’ll know how special they are!

Happy birthday Coco and let’s hope for many more!!!