Inverness Street Festival 2014

We had a fantastic day last Saturday when we journeyed to Inverness for the Inverness Street Festival 2014.

We weren’t sure what to expect, but the entertainment was fantastic.  We watched an entertainer called Todd Various.  He stunned people with a few of his tricks:


Next was the turn of Mr Wow.  He fit himself through a ladder rung, did some balloon tricks, blew massive bubbles, walked the tightrope and more!





Then there was Rory and his dog Ochie, a huge man and dog.  They were walking around and it was fantastic to see the reactions on people’s faces!

Big Rory


Then there the Afrikan Warriors.  They did some amazing somersaults and did the limbo under fire!


Head Balancers


There was a brilliant band entertaining between the shows:


band leader 2

Then there were the Charlie Chaplin’s from the local theatre:

Charlie Chaplins

And of course one of the star acts was Granny Turismo!


I have not had time to work on all the photographs yet, but have so many more, and there are more acts to come!!!

On Saturday the sun was shining and it was about 17 degrees, like summer!

The Inverness Street Festival exceeded my expectations.  What a fantastic, well organised event!

Hope you have enjoyed the blog!


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