It finally came around that that time of year again.  Time to go and see the seals!  It’s great to be able to check on them to see how everything is going.  This is our fifth year visiting them and everything is looking great this year.

When grey seal pups are born they have white fur.  They look at you with big wide eyes and would happily approach you if you let them.  I never let them get too close!  They look playful too!


As they get a little older, they are bolder are more cheeky and look at the teeth!


Then after this, they start losing their fur.  I call this “having a bad hair day”


Here’s an adult female swimming in the sea


And here’s a bull


I almost felt like the bull recognised us and I wondered if we had seen it as a pup a few years ago.

I also got a few playful photographs between the bull and female.  I think it was a mating ritual


The bull definitely looks happy here!


I have a long zoom lens, so wasn’t standing too close to the seals.  I respect that they need their own space and just love to watch them in their natural environment.  I hope you have enjoyed the blog.  It’s great to be able to share our experiences.


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