Seal Saturday – Foam Party

We headed down to see the seals last Saturday.  It’s great to be able to check on them and make sure all is going well.  I love to sit and watch the seals and learn more about them.

Last Saturday the sea had been rough, there was sea foam everywhere and this is where my story starts………

This beautiful seal pup was laying down minding its own business, when the tide started coming in.  The tide pushed some sea foam into the seal:

blog1 The seal pup was a little alarmed and lifted its head.  Time to investigate:


The seal thought nothing of it and turned back round.  Then the wind blew and some foam landed on the pup:


You could almost see the seal pup thinking, what on earth is this on my face:


The pup was quite relaxed about it though and put its head back down:


Then the wind blew again and more foam was blown around the seal:


It looked like it was having fun, and had a quick glance over at me:


The pup then rolled on its back and looked at me.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  What a sight!


It then rolled back and looked at the foam again:


You could tell this was one playful pup:


Then I think the seal was trying to eat the foam:


And had another glance at me to check if I was still watching:


And back to being playful again:


Happy and playful!


Then the nose went straight back into the foam again:


And this was the last photograph I took.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  What a beautiful pup!


It was such a treat to be able to witness this and to be able to photograph it as well!  It is great to see the seals in their natural habitat.

I never get too close though.  I have a good zoom lens and allow them their space.

More seal photographs can be viewed here:

Hope you have enjoyed the blog for this week! :)



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