Happy New Year!!!

Well, it’s nearly the end of 2014.  All in all it turned out to be a good year!

It was great to be able to visit so many beautiful places and to be able to share the photographs.

Lots of time has been spent on beach walks!


And there have been many stunning sunrises and sunsets


One of the highlights of this year has to be seeing the Northern Lights for the first time ever!  The Northern Lights are something I had wanted to see for years. My camera was all set up in the back garden and I saw a light haze in the sky.  I took a long exposure photograph and when I looked at the screen display on the camera, I could see the bright green.  I was jumping for joy around the garden.  Here’s the photograph I took:


Then roughly about a week later there was the fantastic display on 27th February.  I will never forget this.  The colours were amazing and visible to the naked eye.  I took the photograph below at Loch Brora:


Night photography was new to me and lots to learn, especially on camera focus!  Below is a photograph I took just a couple of weeks ago:


From February until now, I have lost count of how many times I have seen the Northern Lights!

Another highlight of the year has been going down to visit the seals.  It is amazing to be able to sit there and just watch them.  They are amazing animals and seem very intelligent.  Below are a couple of photographs taken this month:



Very much looking forward to 2015 and all the new adventures that it will bring!  There are some new ideas brewing and there will be a lot of work involved, but it’s going to be enjoyable!

Thank you so much for joining in on the journey and all the best for 2015 :D





And We’re Here!!!

Finally work has finished and it’s holiday time!

I finished work at 4, got home, had some tea and looked out of the window.  I noticed there was a beautiful glow in the sky.  I quickly grabbed the camera, tripod and ran out into the garden.  Yay, more Aurora!  I don’t think I could ever get tired of seeing the Aurora.  Hard to explain the amazing feeling you get when you see them.  This is the photograph I took this evening:

aurora brorablog

Can’t wait to get out and about with the camera over the next week and hopefully there will be lots more photographs to share!

If you follow my page on Facebook, you may have already seen the video I have put together.  If you don’t already follow me, please do – here’s the page link: http://www.facebook.com/tinalearphotos

I just wanted to say thank you for all your support during 2014.  I appreciate all the likes I have received and comments too!  Thank you to all the people who have purchased my cards and prints.  It has enabled me to gradually build up the items I have to offer.

Here’s the video and thanks everyone!!! :D


Loch Brora

I haven’t really had much time for photography over the last couple of weeks, so have decided to do a blog on some of the older photographs I have taken, and have picked Loch Brora for my subject.

Loch Brora is a three mile long loch and it is famous for sea trout fishing.  There are many stunning views from Loch Brora.  Below is a photograph I took at Loch Brora in the early morning mist.

Loch Brora

The mist then started clearing and there was some lovely colour.


Then there are the night time shots.  I was lucky enough to see the Northern Lights at Loch Brora in February for the first time in my life.  It was pretty overwhelming.  This was one of the first photos I managed to take:


Then on February 27th, there was an amazing show of Northern Lights at Loch Brora.  It’s hard to explain how beautiful they are.  The camera does pick up a lot more colour than what is visible to the naked eye, but when the Northern Lights are strong you can see them dancing!


Can you spot the windsurfer at the Loch?.


So, that’s my blog for this week on Loch Brora.  Does it make you want to visit? :)