North Brora Beach Walk

On Saturday morning the weather wasn’t fantastic, but by Saturday afternoon it had brightened up considerably.  We decided to go for a walk along the beach.  The golden sand looked amazing and the beach is never busy.


There are a lot of large stones the further north you go and then there are coal deposits.  This is where you start to find fossils.  I photographed these two fossils.



Had to cross the river, but it wasn’t difficult.


On the way back I was taking arty shots of the seaweed, when I spotted this.  It really made my weekend!


Hope you have enjoyed the blog!


Beach Walk and the Fantastic Seals

We had our new Leki anti-shock walking poles and were ready for a walk along the beach!


We walked about two miles.  The tide was fully in, so it was quite hard going, walking on the large stones.  The walking poles were absolutely fantastic and helped a great deal. There were a few seals relaxing on the rocks, but we could see many more in the distance!

We gradually got closer and closer.  The seals were curious and didn’t seem bothered by us being there.  A few of them went to go back into the sea, but then decided to stay put!  There was a mix of grey seals and common seals.

I took this group photo and the grey seals seemed happy to pose.  I couldn’t help but wonder if I had seen some of these grey seals when they were pups.  They just seemed so relaxed.


Below is an arty shot of one of the grey seals

Grey seal

Below is a common seal.  It seemed really relaxed as well.


Photographing seals is such a rewarding experience.  To be able to be close to wildlife is amazing.  I never get too close though and respect their space.

George took this photograph of me photographing the seals.  I’m wearing my Lowepro Slingshot backpack, which is fantastic for carrying my camera in.  Can also fit my lunch in there too!


I hope you have enjoyed the blog! :D


Brora Beach Walk

Last weekend we decided to take a stroll along Brora Beach.  Brora beach is just beautiful and if you haven’t been there yet, it’s well worth a visit!  The weather was gorgeous on Sunday morning and below is a photograph of the beach on a busy day:


I took the photograph below facing the sun and I really like the contrast.


We had a good chat to a few people on the beach and I made friends with a dog who constantly wanted to play fetch!  I then thought i’d photograph some footprints in the sand – where do they go, where do they end, who knows?


I then started spotting lots of interesting shapes in the sand.  I love the sand ripples in the photograph below:


So many textures and the sun was reflecting off of the sand:


On our way back, I stopped and looked behind me.  Just look at the view:


Then looking ahead towards the harbour.  I thought this one deserved to be in black and white.  Maybe a thought of the years gone by:


Hope you have enjoyed the blog for this week! :)